We proudly support the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association and encourage you to do the same. Get to know your rifle associations and what they do for you.

The National Rifle Association provides a powerful lobbying group for 2nd Amendment rights nation-wide. It allows offers gun shows, places to shoot, and training classes. It’s a great resource for freedom and events.

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Get to know the National Rifle Association

What rifle associations do for you

Support your national and state rifle associations!


The Texas State Rifle Association has thousands of members in the state that support your right to bear arms.


In operation since 1919, it has worked to give you a strong voice on the state-level about firearms and gun education.

  • Protect lawful firearm possession

  • Provide gun safety training

  • Support hunter education and wildlife conservation efforts

  • Promote shooting sports

  • Host gun shows

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