While we specialize in great pre-owned and collector guns, you may find yourself wanting a brand new one. For that reason, we have partnered with the best wholesalers in order to get you the gun you want.

Getting you in touch with the best wholesalers

Supporting the town & local business

We help you with all your gun purchases.


Davidson’s Gallery of Guns

The Sportsman’s Guide


RSR Group

CDNN Sports

Buds Gun Shop

When you use our wholesalers, you continue to show your support for us, and we will always continue to show our support for the Springtown area.


Contact us today to inquire about our wholesalers and get advice on all of your gun shopping needs.

Not only are the wholesalers that we’ve teamed up with the best, many of them also GUARANTEE it, providing warranties to the owner. For instance, Davidson’s Gallery of Guns offers a 100% warranty for up to two years to the owner, not just the buyer.

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